Informal Architecture: Unexpected Laundromats

spatial intervention, privacy, communal space

– Cinema 4D –

750x750 montrealaxo

This project questions the notions of public and private life by intervening the urban fabric with laundromats, an already peculiar phenomenon that combines the private nature of washing clothes with a public setting. By inserting the laundromat between private residences, the idea is taken further to allow for the blurring between community and individual spaces. One is immersed into the city of Montreal at St. Dominique St., while the other, into the suburbs of Ottawa at Alanis Private.

750x1000 montreal ext

750x659 montreal night

750x600 montreal per1

750x600 montreal per2

750x600 david bowie house

750x600 david bowie house 2

750x600 david bowie house 3

750x600 ottawa per1

750x600 ottawa per2

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