Nomad in the City: Composing an Architectural Dissonance

spatial production, social environments, music

– hand drawing, card/paper modelling, photographic chemigrams, Illustrator –

M.Arch thesis (2010)


What are the pre-existing spatial myths that inform architectural practices today? Nomad in the City dissects current spatial conventions through the idea of the ‘Nomad’, a paradoxical being whose social and geographic identity contrasts cultural norms inherited from colonialism. Drawing parallels from musical production, specifically of free jazz, the thesis explores ‘Nomad’-ic, or contingent, spaces that respond to alternative ways of inhabiting the urban landscape. The final scheme consists of two extensions to Carleton University’s community-based radio station, designed through the layering of photography, drawing, modelling and film, in order to examine the complex narrative inherent to the production of space.

750x700 catherine st photo vignette

750x700 nicholas st vignette 2

750x700 nicholasvignette

750x700 sketches and notes

750x544 musical saturation diagram

750x544 music noise intersection

750x700 catherine st fragmented moments 2

750x700 nicholas informal noise hub

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