Hypothetical Structures: Collapsible Light

daylight, physical structures, volume

– hand drawing, 3DS Max –

750x700 lantern

The idea of containing daylight, of temporarily holding or controlling it is important in generating spatial atmosphere, visibility and maximizing energy efficiency. While strategic positioning of glazing and transparency is the most frequent approach, there are also other ways to control daylight. Using the notion of a collapsible Chinese lantern, daylight can be manipulated in an adjustable structural volume that can be extended or compressed. Just as a lantern illuminates the space around it from an internal light source, there is potential for light to be captured and filtered through architectural elements that can be directed to where it is needed the most.

Giving form to light expresses the desire to delineate space through the manipulation of an ephemeral quality. The light wells can be used as spatial dividers that change according to the time of day. The main concept is for light to be viewed volumetrically, and to envision inhabitation and navigation within the voids produced by natural light.

750x450 lantern section

750x386 lantern axo

750x1000 lantern material

750x700 light pink

750x600 light underside

750x255 light sections

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